My Advanced Facilitation Packages AND Certification program is here!

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My Advanced Facilitation Packages AND Certification program is here!

January 7th, 2011

There is a quickening….an awakening occurring all over the world. Have you felt it? Our organizations, families, and we ourselves as facilitators, are all changing. Old structures and patterns long held as ‘the norm’ or ‘the standard’ no longer serve us. Many are being called to a higher purpose. We are in fast changing times and, as facilitators, we are being called upon more and more to lead the change.

My life is undoing considerable loss this year. My godson suicided, my Mum passed sweetly, my grandson moved, my publishing company is closing, and my corporate facilitation practice and U Vic are done. My beloved Prius was written off after hitting black ice, my basement flooded, my tenants moved. So many roles have changed: godmother, daughter, grandmother, publisher, teacher, driver, landlady.

Who am I without all these stories?
Without these roles and responsibilities?
Who are YOU without yours?

In this time, out of time and space, I am creating my leading edge online facilitation program combining energy principles with facilitation techniques, writing books, and opening the field of vibrational facilitation while roadtripping from Yellowknife to Arizona.

I am living my dream of waking each day, setting my intentions to attract likeminded people who are ready to make a very real difference in the world. In short, I want to work with YOU!

Beginning January 31st, I am pioneering leading edge online facilitation and energy courses. I am opening the very powerful field of vibrational facilitation offering crazy fun ways to facilitate your personal transformation!

Please join me on Wed 12 January 4-5pm to experience and learn about:

Pure skills: 8 weeks to acquire skills and techniques to facilitate highly effective classes and meetings

Pure energy: 8 weeks to harness the power of intention and the law of attraction

Pure coaching: Private sessions to solve your facilitation needs. I make you look good!

Pure roadtrip: Really! Three day facilitated intensive, one on one to accelerate your personal transformation. Anywhere in the world!

Pure retreat: Yes! A vibrationally facilitated retreat for your work team, friends, or community. Team building, resolving issues, dreaming your future, at your dream destination. It’s the most cost effective way to bring deep sustainable change to your group…really!

If you are being called to a higher purpose and are looking to expand your opportunities in 2011 please join us.

And, to help prepare your way into your prosperous future using these highly Effective techniques, all packages carry a full money back guarantee!



  1. Lily Ducharme § January 15th, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Perfect timing!

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