The Power Circle (invitation only)

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The Power Circle (invitation only)

July 29th, 2016

For millennia, women have been sitting in circles.  Often circles were held over several days.  Every month, like under The Red Tent, or in subterranean caves.  Regardless of location and duration, we have been coming together at changing times to replenish, nourish, and dream of our next future.

We dream, we support, we do, we challenge, we suggest, we try again, we share, we laugh, we cry, we pick ourselves up, we do it again, we celebrate.

This is an invitation from me to you to invoke the Power of the Circle.  It is being offered to a very small group of powerful, inspirational, strong, creative women who are doing amazing work in the world.  Together, we can be even more formidable.  Together much can be done with even greater ease, luxury, and pleasure.

This invitation is to come together in a virtual circle, in the comfort of your own home, to co-create a four day ‘next future’ incubator with a few powerful women.

The goal is to position and accelerate our ‘next future’ be it our businesses, a book, a new job, a new initiative, a change in a way of life, (whatever that ‘new future’ is for you) for exponential growth, with ease and luxury and a lot of fun, within the next 30 days.

We’ll begin by sharing who we are and where our ‘present :)’ is. We’ll increase the vibrational frequencies, clarify what it is that we each REALLY want, set new intentions, tune inwards to receive our information, and take action immediately.

On our first meeting on Fri 12 Aug at 10am -1230pm MDT, we will:

  • introduce ourselves
  • establish benchmarks
  • clarify goals
  • set intentions
  • create action plans

We’ll check-in on:

  • Sat 13 Aug 10-1230pm MDT*
  • Sun 14 Aug 10-1230pm MDT*

We’ll celebrate on:

  • Sun 14 Aug from 10-1230pm MDT*

* other times may be possible when the group convenes.  for now, these are the dates and times I am holding for us

The Power Circle (invitation only)
Aug 12-14, 10-12:30p MDT, online, $500

For those REALLY want to up their vibrational game, I will also be offering Vibrational Facilitation YOU on Thurs 11 Aug 10-1230 and Vibrational Facilitation US 11 Aug 2-4:30pm

Vibrational Facilitation YOU
Aug 11 (Thurs), 10-12:30p MDT, online, $125

Vibrational Facilitation US
Aug 11 (Thurs), 2-4:30p MDT, online, $125