Train the Trainer for The Five Minute Facilitator

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Train the Trainer for The Five Minute Facilitator

August 8th, 2016

Called to facilitate?  Love The Five Minute Facilitator programs? Ready to add The Five Minute Facilitator into your business?



  • Co-facilitate public offerings of both programs (amount to be agreed upon per session) and
  • Facilitate own groups of both programs (at % and accountability process to be agreed upon)

Both 5MF courses, may be offered in a variety of forums including, buy not limited to:

  • Face to face
  • Online intensive 2.5 hours per course
  • Weekly .5 hour each day for 5 days per course
  • Blended use of 5 x 5 minute videos plus 2 hours small group coaching for each course

As a 5MF facilitator in good standing of 5MF’s Framing Facilitations and Facilitating Engagement, Karanne has access to the following intellectual property:


  • Videos for this train the trainer session
  • Videos for each 5 minute ‘lecture’
  • Booklet for face to face
  • Templates for facilitation framework, feedback
  • Access to 5MF secret Facebook page

Additionally sales of the 5MF book plus course referrals will receive affiliate pricing at rates to be determined


It is understood that course offerings, pricing, license fees and affiliate percentages may change as the programs continue to develop.


Additionally, Karanne agrees to debrief any concerns and suggestions for ongoing growth of The Five Minute Facilitator programs and to attend an annual 5MF update at a nominal fee

As this agreement is built on emergent design, all considerations will be reviewed in 3 months on 15 October 2016.



Signed __________________________________________ Date 15 July 2016


Signed Leslie Robinson________________________ Date 15 July 2016

5MF Train the Trainer Framing Facilitations and Facilitating Engagement $ 997

18 Aug 6:30-8:30 (TTT)

19 Aug 10-12:30 (Designing/Framing observation and participation)

19 Aug 2-4:30 (Facilitating observation and participation)

19 Aug 6:30-8:30 (debrief)

includes slides, videos, templates, FB private page



5MFTrain the Trainer prep, ‘sit in’, debrief, certification                                               $ 500



TOTAL DUE                                                                                                               $1497




Total due and payable to Leslie Robinson by email transfer

For credit card scroll to end of

and click on 5MF TTT