Vibrational Facilitation-YOU

Vibrational Facilitation-YOU

In Vibrational Facilitation – YOU, we focus on you, the facilitator, and how to set yourself up for a successful facilitation feeling grounded, safe, aware and expansive feeling strong and confident without leaking your energy.

The Five Minute Facilitator (5MF) is an innovative facilitation format that:Cover 2 flip chart

Culling the best of the best techniques from training thousands of trainers, The Five Minute Facilitator consists of hands-on, instructional design and facilitation workshops where you ‘learn by doing’.  Each class consists of 5 lessons.  Each lesson includes

Vibrational Facilitation-YOU $125

Bring your lunch and make it a day of inner and outer work. Combine VF-YOU in the morning with VF-US in the afternoon.

Vibrational Facilitation Intensive-YOU AND US $250

Testimonials for The Five Minute Facilitator

‘Thank you for an informative and aha filled afternoon. Your depth of experience and knowledge, along with your passionate and accommodating facilitation style enhanced my learning. I will now design my workshops with even more clearly stated objectives!’
Patricia Morgan
Author, Counselor and Past President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary

‘Leslie, thank you so much for sharing your expertise today. It was a pleasure to watch an expert! I really liked how you used the analogy of travel to explain the 5 aspects you were covering. I look forward to continuing our conversations.’
Heather Martin
Program Manager and Facilitator

‘Thank you again, it was an insightful afternoon—I have already begun implimenting some great changes to my program and future programs.’
Melissa Parcels
Owner Solo Dental Hygiene Spa

‘In the “Five Minute Facilitator” course I learned so many life skills that help with communication, relationships, teaching and creating a space for incidental and fun learning. It’s a priceless course.’
Marilyn Foreman
Parental Advisor

‘A fabulous facilitation workshop with a fantastic trainer!’
Lehna Pickledbeats
Burlesque dancer and entrepreneur

‘I found it interesting, entertaining, kept me engaged, great conversations, I learned a lot and was able to action it right away. I would absolutely recommend it. 100%. I think anybody would get something out of it. Even the most experienced facilitators would find that it would make them think and redefine what they are doing or tweak what they are doing and re- engage with their participants in a better way.’
Jane Oxenbury
Registered Psychologist