Imagine . . .

“Leslie has a calming ability to bring the best out of people and made me stretch in ways I could not have imagined.”

I help you clarify and set goals and objectives, unblock blockages, dissolve resistance both internal and external, and plan for successful evaluation. I offer my 30 years of facilitation, curriculum design, training trainers, working with resistant groups, frameworks, techniques and knowledge of learning, change and interpersonal dynamics.

LeslieRobinsonFav 001AND, I help you do this in your personal life. I help you clarify your personal vision, set your goals, unblock blockages, dissolve internal resistance gently, firmly, and safely, and celebrate your successes. We’ll activate the power of intention and the law of attraction.

All this in a vibrationally enhanced environment, which lightens angst and overwhelm, and replaces them with great ideas and resources leaving you refreshed and energized. I’m your sounding board, your personal adviser, your cheerleader, your ‘log jam unblocker’. Put me in your back pocket. I help you FEEL good! I help you LOOK good! I help you live your life fully and get the job done well.

Your investment in coaching can substantially affect your ROI (return on investment) with ease and fun! Just imagine….!

Each coaching session is 60 minutes. Sessions may be combined. Sessions may take place on online or face-to-face.

Declaration of an empowered learner

“Inspiring, confident, role model.”


Kim Dunn


My director asked me yesterday if I would like to work for her – IN A LEARNING POSITION… YAHOO!!! And for more money, and I may supervise a couple staff, and I’ll get to create the delivery model and so on and so on and so on! And you know where this all started right?! YEAH!!! Our Saltspring coaching session! I just want to scream I’m so excited! Two new jobs (both promotions) in four months – that’s amazing!

Kim Dunn
Project Coordinator, Transformation Support Team
Ministry of Children and Family Development

Chelsie (1)

I asked Leslie for help with stage fright. I had been invited to stand up in front of a large audience, and as the date loomed, I realized my lifetime of stage fright was intensifying, my heart was beating faster, and my thoughts disappearing at the thought of standing in front of more than two people.

She guided our conversation for most of the session, then intuitively led me through a visualization for the last 15 minutes.

On my big day, and I felt amazingly confident. Despite the intimidating 500 seated auditorium, two mics attached to my shirt, bright lights and camera on me, I felt calm and confident. I didn’t stumble, or hesitate, my thoughts came easily, and my voice clearly.

I am so grateful for the work Leslie does in this world. Leslie turned up at just the right time, of course!, and for that I am grateful.

Chelsie Anderson
Owner of Chelsie Squared Gardening, Calgary

The Bronze 1 Pack – $197

1 x 60 minute Private Coaching Session

The Silver 3 Pack – $497

3 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions

The Gold 6 Pack – $897

6 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions

The Platinum 10 Pack – $1197

10 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions