“ A wonderful facilitator… ”


A publishing company with 100 employees representing 9000 clients in 105 countries requested facilitation.  Within 1 hour of facilitating, the block was identified, a preferred future visualized.  Within 36 hours,  the block was removed, and the business began to flourish.  The ex CEO, wrote ‘Please keep blockbusting.  It certainly worked for me.  Probably saved my life’ . 

A non profit organization requested a two day facilitation using Appreciative Inquiry on gender equality in international development. Denise Savoie, Member of Parliament for Victoria, dropped in and was inspired she used the out the groups’ dreams the next day in the House of Commons in Ottawa to launch her bid for gender equality.

A well known newspaper reporter wrote about the coldness and lack of use of Victoria’s Centennial Square.  Within a month, a building was removed opening the Square to pedestrian traffic along popular Government Street.  Shortly after, the City announced redevelopment plans to revitalize the Square and renamed it Spirit Square.

A regional government committee was ‘stuck’ in the midst of a 180 degree corporate shift.  After a short facilitated meeting, the committee was ‘unstuck’.  Body language shifted from crossed arms and scowling to open, animated and sharing.

An impromptu wedding with only 3 weeks of planning time, got ‘stuck’ looking for the perfect venue.  Within hours, a great venue was found, clients were happy and the wedding was on!.

A renowned author’s workshop on Alchemy of Nine Dimensions went to unprecedented Ten Dimensions.  And, for the first time, the faulty PA system surprisingly ‘corrected itself’ without technical assistant.

A Powell River tour guiding class needed to conduct mini tours outside in the midst of three weeks of torrential rains.  Within an hour, the rain ‘miraculously’ stopped, within 2 hours blue sky appeared, and as the last mini tour finished the clouds closed in and the rain continued to fall.  Coincidence or…?

A frustrated university student wanted a good mark in a particular course.  She received 100% on her paper…the first time her instructor had ever given a perfect mark.

It is my honour to help individuals and organizations bust through blocks and achieve their dreams.

Denise Savoie, MP, read to this ‘dream’ to the House of Commons on gender equality

Denise Savoie, MP for Victoria, read to this dream to the House of Commons on gender equality.

Holding a Pristine Place at Gender Equality in International Development Conference at Royal Roads University

The facilitation team at Alchemy of Nine Dimensions expanded to an unprecented TEN!