“I never knew learning could be such fun.”

Mini Masters in Adult Ed

Mini Masters Degree in Adult Ed in The Five Minute Facilitator format


  • transform yourself, transform your classes
  • save two years of precious time (average length of M Ed)
  • save over $10,000 of precious money (average cost of M Ed)
  • grab the knowledge and skills and get on with life!


  • accelerate your own transformational learning
  • imbed adult education principles in your facilitations immediately
  • utilize easy and powerful templates
  • accelerate transformational learning in others
  • short instructional bursts with small group coaching
  • give and receive valuable feedback for continuous growth

This is for you if:

  • you are curious about innovative facilitation techniques
  • love teaching and want to augment skills
  • you are considering a Masters Degree in Adult Education
  • love experiential and applied learning
  • you don’t like writing papers
  • you prefer to spend time and money on …well…life!
  • want to get ‘er done




  • mornings for content (10-12:30p PT)
  • afternoons for process (2-4:30p PT)


Content* includes

  • Oct 10     10-12:30         Orientation and thesis prep
  • Oct 10       2-4:30           Theory and lit review
  • Oct 17    10-12:30           Design lessons
  • Oct 17      2-4:30             Praxis: small group coaching
  • Oct 24    10-12:30           Facilitating engagement
  • Oct 24      2-4:30             Praxis: small group coaching
  • Oct 31    10-12:30            Methodology: presentation, project, facilitation
  • Oct 31      2-4:30              Presentations and closing

*In the spirit of socratic inquiry, co-creation and emergent design, content may change 🙂

The Five Minute Facilitator format of workshops is for those who:

  • Desire innovative facilitation techniques
  • Want to augment facilitation, training, teaching, skills
  • Don’t like writing papers!
  • Love experiential learning
  • Want to save time and money for…well…life!

The Five Minute Facilitator format, for all classes, includes:

  • Recordings
  • Templates to design your lessons and facilitate engagement
  • Online forum to continue the conversation

One presentation, project, or practice to be shared with your colleagues

All work to be complete within time allotted so you can get back to integrating your learning and enjoying your life!

Bring your idea and walk out with it planned! Refreshed! Energized! Let’s make learning easy, simple, clear, practical, and fun!


Mini Masters Degree in Adult Ed
Oct 10-31, Tuesdays, 10-12:30 and 2-4:30 PT, $997


Milton Almeida
Milton-websiteThe best online learning I have ever had was with you. You allowed learners to select a learning approach (constructivist or traditional) and supported us all in that approach. The quality of learning and motivation I experienced provided me with increased feelings of self-efficacy and motivation to apply key adult learning principles to my learning and my work. I further witnessed the on-line community come to grips with the choice (Do I plunge in or not ?). It was amazing as folks started to think of education in a different light.

In considering the course I took with you and your online approach, I actually still use the list of adult educators competencies I discovered. I worked my butt off in your course but loved every minute of it. I joyously replied to posts, was engaged and looked for various pieces of research, contributed often, from both a scholar and a practitioner perspective. It was expanding and joyous.

I would be honoured to be part of your site and newsletter. Enjoy the journey!

Milton Almeida A.C.C., M.A. (Leadership and Training)
Leadership Development Coach

Leslie is clearly all about creating a space where Adult Education and Learning can be discussed, modelled, dissected, and advanced. Genuine and honest, Leslie shares success stories as well as experiments gone Hugh-430x645 sideways. Leslie favours  organic learning utilizing emergent design.

Influenced by  Brookfield, Knowles, Bloom and Meg Wheatley, she attributes the largest impact to come from her students. Leslie empowers learners to claim their right to learn what and how they want to learn.

Leslie encourages us to powerful learning through the affective domain and what she calls, the vibrational or energetic or spiritual domain of learning.  Leslie helps learners and facilitators to “…a greater truth in themselves.”

Hugh Kruzel CACE, BA(Hons.), BEd.
Educator / Writer / Wine Evangelist



Mini Masters Degree in Adult Ed split payment
$525 x 2 (now and day before class)