Vibrational Facilitation: an emerging conversation




This book has been brewing for ten years and finally downloaded itself through me during a five day intensive summer delivery of Facilitating Adult Learning. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts kept pressing on me to be written as I was waking or making breakfast in preparation for the day’s class. I reached for a tape recorder and began talking and this is what came out. The intensity of the downloads increased in step with the intensity of classroom discussions.

The purpose of this book is to record the beginning of a movement I feel is happening to reform teaching and learning as we know it. Increasing vibrational frequencies plays an important role in the raising of consciousness as the shift happens. Einstein said we can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. We can shift consciousness by increasing vibrational frequencies. It’s a highly effective and sustainable option…if only we dare to go there.

And so, the languaging of this book is conversational. It has not been edited for grammar or punctuation. There is no APA referencing…yet. That will come later as the conversation deepens and its form makes itself known…or not! This book is simply a raw recording of a conversation about Vibrational Facilitation…as it emerges. There is a refreshing clarity in just that. The call is out. Many people are being drawn into this conversation with their own ideas and perceptions and questions.

Now is the time. We are the people.

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