The Appreciative Facilitator

Appreciative Inquiry, AI, is a powerful organizational development tool for classrooms, communities, workplaces, and families. Unlike the traditional problem-based tools and models which focus on what is not working well, AI focuses on what is working well (appreciative) by engaging people in asking questions and telling stories (inquiry). This shift to a positive focus stimulates creativity and vibrancy within a group allowing it to move more effectively towards its goals

By the end of The Appreciative Facilitator, you will be able to:

  • engage in the 4 D model, Definition, Discovery, Dream, Destiny
  • develop implementation plan to activate items discovered during the workshop

Definition: establishing the focus of the inquiry. This could include ‘creating new ways to increase revenue’ and ‘expanding the client base’ and ‘creating a harmonious work environment’ or any other hot topic in agency, travel school, and industry.

Discovery: inquiring into stories of life-giving forces by conducting paired interviews of a time when each experienced high revenue, an expanding client base, or a harmonious work environment. Pairs discover ‘what happened’ and how the person felt. Then pairs join with 2-4 other people, share highlights of each story, and discover common themes.

Dream: Groups create shared images of a preferred future using common themes and present a provocative proposition to the large group. This is often great fun, highly energetic, and compelling.

Destiny: Each person/group innovates ways to create, implement, monitor and celebrate that future. Participants write a contract to self of at least one action they will take. Participants are encouraged to share email/phone contacts with one other person as support in attaining their goals.

In addition to experiencing the 4 D process, we may reflect on the subtle vibrations or dynamics of each step in an appreciative inquiry and their impact on sustainable learning and organizational development.

Leslie Robinson is a certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator