Facilitation Fundamentals

Facilitation Fundamentals is an intensive, peer-based workshop scheduled over two days with the goal of deepening knowledge and skills training and facilitation so others can really learn. The workshop encourages participants to explore the roles and interrelationships of both facilitators and learners. We check current practices, and try new strategies and techniques all within the safe environment. During the workshop, each participant will facilitate three 10-minute ‘mini lessons’. You are strongly encouraged to experiment with different facilitation techniques. You will receive written, oral, and video feedback on the effectiveness of your lessons, with respect to what helped or hindered learning. You are encouraged to engage actively as a learner while the other participants instruct, and to give and receive supportive and constructive feedback.

The focus of this workshop is on facilitating active learning and focusing on the process and the outcome.

A strong side benefit of this workshop is team building. We ask that you commit to being fully present and free from outside responsibilities for the duration of the workshop.



After Facilitation Fundamentals you will be able to:

  • design and deliver effective lesson plans
  • engage learners using collaborative learning techniques
  • ask effective questions
  • use instructional aids to maximize engagement and learning
  • evaluate learning using simple and powerful techniques
  • give and receive constructive feedback