At a crossroad time in my life, my body was crippled with pain and inflammation.  It immobilized me until I got help.  The Biomat was one of the first modalities to provide me with immediate and ongoing relief. I sleep on it, sit on it, take it with me, share it with friends in need.  And now I offer it to you here in a simple format that benefits us all. I am forever grateful. ❤️ 

The BioMat’s unique design and technology, based on Nobel prize-winning research, allows users to benefit from deep-penetrating infrared rays and an influx of negative ions, stimulating the body to heal and regenerate with unprecedented speed. The combination of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions penetrate 6-8 inches into your body delivering an energetic cellular massage and increased cellular communication and detoxification.

This image shows circulation before and after 14 days of Biomat useage

Biomat pro + pillow                         $2330

Biomat prof                                       $1950

Biomat mini                                       $780

Biomat                                                $3850

Water filter                                         $2500

Prices are in USD. No shipping/handling to Canada. Customs fee $150 ish. Arrives in 2 weeks.

How to chose?  Here are a few questions to help:

  • Do you want to sleep on it? (I do 🙂
  • Do you want to sit on it? (I do..a lot!)
  • Do you want to chat? Text 403-863-1164
  • Do you want to order?


Hi Leslie! It has been less than a week with the mat and I am LOVING it!! What a difference I am already feeling in my body. Less inflammation, deeper sleep, my body is sweating more effectively and just overall feeling more sound. My son noticed he could focus better (I think it helped manage his anxiety a bit) — now when he has to read I have him sit on the mat and read so he is calmer. This sure is a life changer! JR