“ I really liked the safe, supportive environment. ”

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is a 24-hour, three day intensive experiential- learning peer-based workshop In which instructors review basic ideas about teaching and learning, check current practices, and try new strategies and techniques all within the safe environment of the workshop.  Participants learn-by-doing, receive feedback and make changes based on feedback.

During the Instructional Skills Workshops you will practice

    • creating a safe learning environment
    • planning lessons
    • setting learning outcomes and objectives
    • addressing learning and teaching styles
    • developing learning activities
    • enhancing teaching and learning at work
    • facilitating classroom management
    • evaluating learning
    • giving and receiving of feedback
    • resolving other issues identified by the group

Working in small groups, the ISW meets participants at their own levels as both an introduction to teaching and a to develop existing teaching practices.

The completion of an ISW has been a well-recognized instructional credential for content experts desiring to teach in colleges, universities and training institutions across Canada and around the world for over 35 years.  Credits from the ISW are transferable to educational programs including the Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) at U Vic, Bachelors in Adult Education at the University of the Fraser Valley and the well respected Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) at Vancouver Community College.  Additionally, those who have completed an ISW become eligible to train to become ISW facilitators.


ISW, Victoria
13, 14, 15 March  8:30a-5:30p PT 
Please email leslie@leslierobinson.ca
ISW, Victoria
24, 25, 26 August  8:30a-5:30p PT 
Please email leslie@leslierobinson.ca


Leslie Robinson, MA (Adult Ed) is well-respected facilitator of positive change with individuals, educational institutions, government, and non-profits.  She has facilitated, and trained facilitators, in the highly regarded Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) for twenty years. Her clients include Universities of Victoria and Calgary, BC government, Canadian Navy, BC Pensions, and Health Canada. She has authored 15 books in the fields of tourism education and facilitation, the most recent being The Five Minute Facilitator and she has co-authored local best seller, The Pantry – creating a healthy relationship one shelf at time.



ISW gave me a huge confidence boost and helped me identify the sources and answers to some of my teaching and workplace frustrations. Where it’s taking me? I’m heading into orbit now and my destination is enroute to my dreams.

·         If I had only one word to describe the ISW with Leslie, I would say transformational. It continues to spark conversation with me and whoever will listen as I reflect on those three days. My perspective on learners and educators has completely shifted.

·         The feedback from my first workshop after ISW included: ‘Excellent presentation!’ ‘We are lucky to have someone so skilled in our group!’ Thank you to everyone.  I feel that I have the confidence that I need to be able move forward. With Wisdom!