“ I really liked the safe, supportive environment. ”

Facilitate Positive Change

I facilitate the acceleration of positive, profound and sustainable learning in individuals and organizations.

My approach to training blends quantum physics, metaphysics, and energy awareness with sound instructional techniques, and adult learning and evaluation principles.  Participant testimonials say my  approach is ‘rich’, ‘fun’, ‘highly interactive’, ‘intuitive’, ‘powerful’, and ‘sustainable’ as it ‘increases engagement’, ‘productivity’ and ‘efficiency’.

With thirty years of training thousands of people from senior management, travel and tourism professionals, accountants, welders, engineers, health care professionals, First Nations, and all levels of government employees in the art of designing and facilitating effective training programs, my offerings centre on the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)The Five Minute Facilitator Appreciative Inquiry for individuals and organizations desiring positive change and Training in Power for individuals seeking to expand consciousness by deepening your personal relationship with youSelf in order to directly affect positive change.

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

The Five Minute Facilitator

Appreciative Inquiry

Vibrational Enhancement

  • Power Up Your Life!
  • Invisible Communication

Training in Power

If you are ready to take your training, coaching, facilitating to a whole new level… let’s chat!.