Leslie Robinson, MA (Adult Ed)

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Leslie Robinson, Masters degree in Adult Education, has been facilitating positive change with groups and individuals since 1980.  Her registered Canadian GST business number is 8977 97932.

Training in Power Community Summit (2020)

Facilitating all-day strategic planning event to clarify goals, design a preferred future, and commit to specific action items to ensure accountability and celebration of success

Ally ToolKit Resource Conference, Online (2020)

Facilitating 2 half-day workshops on co-creating a queer ally manifesto of how to grow together in a healthy way and about the current and impending needs of queer seniors

Training in Power, Online (2020)

Designed and delivered online adaptations of 16-hour courses in meditation

Instructional Skills Workshop, Online (2020)

Piloting and facilitating 3 days (24 hours) workshop to improve teaching and learning by designing and delivering lessons, and giving and receiving feedback

Appreciative Inquiry Community of Practice, Online (2020)

Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry (AI) about co-creating an AI Community of Practice for Calgary facilitators

Old Town Bakery, Ladysmith  (2020)               

Facilitating 2 half-day in-service planning sessions including agreements on how to be with each other, communication skills, and strategic planning

Instructional Skills Workshop, Victoria (in person) (2020)

Facilitating 3 days (24 hours) workshop to improve teaching and learning by designing and delivering lessons, and giving and receiving feedback

Ally ToolKit Resource Conference, Calgary (2020)

Facilitating 2 half-day workshops on co-creating a queer ally manifesto of how to grow together in a healthy way and about the current and impending needs of queer seniors  and their caregivers

Calgary Board of Education Staff Association (2020)

Facilitating 3 half-day workshops using Appreciative Inquiry into Diversity and Respecting Differences, Deep Communications, and Coping During COVID

Volunteer Victoria, Victoria (2019)

Facilitating half-day workshop to generate, and practice, techniques to facilitate engagement with volunteers

Calgary Police Service Diversity Team, Calgary (2019)

Facilitating half-day visioning and planning a 1-2 year strategic plan, with ‘actionable actions, including strengthening key relationships, gathering data and being as educated as possible about pressing issues’

Calgary Unitarians, Calgary  (2019)

Facilitating a half-day Covenant of Right Relations workshop to ‘identify the language of covenant, norms, right relations, describe/explain the value of creating a covenant of right relations, identify healthy/unhealthy norms, and actions to correct.

Royal Roads University, Victoria (2019)

Facilitating 2 days Appreciate Inquiry into resiliency as an Appreciative Leader with senior staff from BC Government, City of Victoria, and Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Victoria (2019)

Facilitating confidence in presentation skills with teachers and staff.

Calgary Board of Education Staff Association (2019)

Facilitating multiple Kairos Blanket Exercises increasing Indigenous Awareness. Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry into Moving Beyond Bullying Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry into Diversity and Respecting Differences.

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Council (2019)

Facilitating Appreciative Inquiry into resilience during succession planning for aging staff, re-assigning geographical regions, and staff requirements.  6 participants including the Education director and educators both in-person and online over four hours.

Faith Communities (2019)

Facilitating resilience during strategic and succession planning for multiple aging Communities through townhall meetings using Appreciative Inquiry.  Groups include Unitarian Church, Alliance for the Common Good, Roman Catholic Women Priests Canada, Roman Catholic Women Priests Mid West USA.

Well Conference (2018)

Facilitating discussion on Creating Healthy Relationships and Seniors and Sexuality at Well Conference.  Rich conversations resulted  in the creation of Facebook Group

Roman Catholic Woman Priests (2018)

Co-ordinating and facilitating international retreat and ordination of first Canadian bishop on Canadian soil using strengths-based visioning Appreciative Inquiry.  Retreat for 12, panel event for 150 participants, and ordination for 250 with media.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology  (CAWST), Calgary (2018)

Facilitating four-day Appreciative Inquiry into values, mission, and internal relations after several years of exponential market growth.  Prep work includes research independent evaluation of the organization, consultations with the CEO, leadership team, and staff based in remote areas including Nepal, Ethiopia, and Columbia.

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Victoria (2018)

Facilitating 24-hour Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) with teachers from several campuses

St Brigid’s Catholic Faith Community, Calgary (2018)

Facilitating two-hour Appreciative Inquiry into practical acts of reconciliation with First Nations following Kairos Blanket Exercise Indigenous Awareness.

Altalink Power Transmission Lines, Pincher Creek (2018)

Facilitated two table conversations between landowners and the governing bodies.  The mood was confused, angry, and potentially hostile at the beginning and more engaged at the end of each session.

Institute of Performance and Learning (IPL), Calgary (2018)

Facilitated two-hour Appreciative Inquiry (AI) with standing room only group of facilitators as both demos of AI and with practical application for the visioning the future of their organization.

Appreciative Inquiry Community of Practice, Victoria (2018)    

Co-ordinated planning meeting and co-facilitated Appreciative Inquiry into co- creating Victoria’s best AI Community of Practice.

Volunteer Victoria, Victoria (2018)

Facilitated two and half hour session on designing workshops to members. High level of engagement, curiosity, problem-solving, and taking action.

City of Calgary, Bowness Flood Mitigation, Calgary (2018)

Facilitated table conversation of 10 local flood plain residents to clarify their needs, concerns, and ideas for future planning resulting in a report to the City of Calgary.  Helped shift anger to early stages of trust and becoming part of their neighborhood solution. 275 people in attendance.  Security and Global TV present.

CoolAid, Supportive Housing for the Homeless, Victoria (2017)

Facilitated volatile 2.5-hour public meeting of 40 angry local residents. Aborted planned presentation in favor of listening to concerns and resulted in a list of specific questions and input of concerns and ideas.  Organizers themed concerns and presented them back as FAQ and subsequent meetings were productive.

Unitarian Church, Calgary (2016)

Facilitated deep listening conversations about spiritual issues with congregants online. Hesitation at the beginning and deep engagement at the end.

Yoga MCC, Instructor event, Calgary

Facilitated half-day instructor retreat to reflect on the past 10 years and plan for the future resulted in clear directions for individuals and clients.

Public Service Agency, BC Government, Victoria (2014)

Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW) for 12 provincial trainers over 3 days

WorkSafe BC, Kelowna, BC (2011)

Facilitated 2.5-day retreat of 15 provincial directors with informal goals of  relaxing silos and improving internal communication and formal goal to create a unified strategic plan.  Strong initial resistance to the Appreciative Inquiry process yielded to the group drafting the strategic plan and planning future meetings.

Health Canada, Richmond, BC (2010)

Facilitated Appreciative Inquiry on Discovering Resiliency over two days for 250 First Nations and Northern Inuit Nurses.  Sessions were playful, lively, connecting, and resulted in multiple new initiatives, projects, and collaborations across Canada.

Gather the Women, International Women’s Day, Victoria (2010)

Facilitating the evening planning meeting of local chapter 30 women. Resulting in local development of 3 day International Women’s Day retreat with notable speakers including Jean Shinoda-Bolen.

Royal Roads University, Victoria (2010)

Facilitating high profile Appreciative Inquiry into Gender Equity in International Development with First Nations Elders and Members of Parliament present. Victoria MP, Denise Savoie, used group ‘dreams’ to introduce a bill on Gender Equity

Training in Power Academy (2004-current)

Teaching meditation

Quantum Learning (1997-current)

Developing career prep programs and course materials for high school and college teachers across Canada.  A suite of 9 Tourism Career Samplers we co-produced with lead provincial teacher and organizations

Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE), University of Victoria (1997-2013)

Advising on and contributing to program development of a consortium of universities in Western Canada.  Pioneering online delivery before the internet (!). Developed course materials for core courses including Program Planning in Adult


Learning and Facilitating of Adult Learning plus multiple workshops for 20 years.