Who Are You Now? (60 minutes online)

Have you ever had a ‘wrong’ mark?  Take a moment and really think about it.  Maybe you did no work and got a top mark OR you worked your heart out, learned lots and got a low mark.  Research shows all of us KNOW this place of being ‘wronged’ and somehow we swallow it and keep on going.  The inner frontier that is always present and often flicked away, forgotten.

Using an Appreciative approach, this workshop will gently guide and re-introduce you to…YOU.  We will use active meditation to shift our focus from outward to inward stilling our busy thoughts, re-opening our internal messaging, and re-aligning with our true selves

During this workshop we will:

  • explore energy and vibration
  • discover how we know that we ‘know’
  • discover what stops you from acting on your inner knowing
  • experience an active meditation
  • practice a powerful self mastery technique
  • commit to engaging with who you are now