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Leslie’s Bio

My Masters degree in adult education examines the application of quantum physics to lifelong learning which provides left brain, theoretical, cognitive and psychomotor information. I am also a vibrational practitioner and teacher of energy awareness which provides the right brain, affective, heart centered, subtle energetic approach to teaching and learning. The combination of left and right brain, cognitive and affective domains, theory and practice creates a full spectrum, powerful catalyst for deep and accelerated learning.

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With a background in tourism, customer service and sales, I now work extensively in adult education with corporate clients, universities, colleges and high schools across North America. Recent corporate clients include BC Pension Corporation, Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council, Canadian College of Performing Arts, Victoria School Board, Canadian Assn of Law Librarians, Canadian Navy, BC Ferries, Ministry of Transportation and Highways, Public Service Commission, and the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors.

I am actively involved as a core instructor in the Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) program at the University of Victoria and am a provincial trainer and facilitator in the popular Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW). I have also taught in the practical skills based Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College for several years.

My books and training packages are distributed through Quantum Learning, my publishing company. Some of my publications include The Power of Intention in Teaching and Learning, My Favourite Facilitation Tips, My Quantum Life and You are Wrong Mr. Knowles, Andragogy IS for Kids. My tourism publications may be ordered at teachingtourism.com.

Sooo… do YOUR kneecaps learn? What does peppermint have to do with learning? And just why can so much be explained by broccoli anyway?

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