Advanced Facilitation Certificate Program

Are you ready to move to the next level of facilitation?

advanced facilitation certificate program, leslie robinsonThere is a quickening….an awakening occurring all over the world. Have you felt it? Our organizations, families, and we ourselves as facilitators, are all changing. Old structures and patterns long held as ‘the norm’ or ‘the standard’ no longer serve us. Many are being called to a higher purpose. We are in fast changing times and, as facilitators, we are being called upon more and more to lead the change.

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The Advanced Facilitation Certificate Program provides simple, and elegant, facilitation skills to provoke deep, accelerated, and sustainable learning.

Combining facilitation frameworks and techniques with energy principles including the power of intention and the law of attraction, my Advanced Facilitation Certificate Program prepares facilitators to new ways of facilitating learning and change in these fasting changing times.

Simply, elegantly, powerfully, and highly effectively!

You get:

  • powerful facilitation techniques to accelerate learning and possitive change
  • techniques to harness energy principles to affect profound, sustainable and seemingly effortless learning and positive change
  • community of like minded practitioners
  • private coaching sessions
  • two retreats to really anchor in this new way of facilitating
  • weekly interactive webinars
  • recordings of all webinars so you can review at a time convenient to you

Simply, elegantly, powerfully, and highly effective…and it’s fun!

The Advanced Facilitation Certificate Program is ‘by application’. If you are a trainer wanting to take your skills to a whole new level, if you are passionate about facilitating positive change and empowering your learners and organizations, and if you resonate with this message, then please do apply.  We’ll have a short interview to ensure we are a good ‘vibrational fit’.

The program combines strong practical foundational facilitation skills and practice with subtle energy principles. It toggles between the left and right brain and between learning theory and practice.  You learn to facilitate as both the learner and the facilitator from the inside out and the outside in.

Participants will be required to submit journals of interpersonal interactions, observations of energetic dynamics.

The first 4 courses are open to everyone and are available in any order.  Each course builds on the previous one and so you are encouraged to take them in order.  All 4 courses are required as pre-requisites for the full Advanced Facilitation Certificate.

Facilitation Fundamentals

This course lays the practical foundation of your facilitation practice. It provides a highly effective framework and facilitation techniques.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • create a safe and nurturing learning environment
  • establish clear, strong, powerful goals
  • design lesson plans
  • deliver effective facilitations
  • provide exceptionally constructive feedback
  • reflect critically on our own learning as a facilitator of learning (!)
  • create an action plan to integrate techniques into your daily practice

Facilitation Fundamentals  Victoria
7-8 April 9-5p PST $297

Facilitation Fundamentals Banff
26-27 May 9-5p MST $397

Intro to Vibrational Facilitation

What do tuning forks, mirrors, and body language have in common?  They are all tools in harnessing the subtle nuances, and very powerful, emerging field of Vibrational Facilitation.  In this course, you will explore the theory and practice of quantum physics as it pertains to accelerating deep and sustainable learning.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • create a safe vibrationally enhanced environment
  • conduct a vibrationally enhanced learning activity
  • close a vibrational learning activity

Intro to Vibrational Facilitation Victoria
8 April 6:30-9 PST $49

Intro to Vibrational Facilitation Banff
27 May 6:30-9p MST $49

The Intentional Facilitator

This course invokes the subtle, and very powerful, energetic principles influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions every day, whether you are conscious of it or not (!). It builds on the framework and facilitation techniques in The Fundamentals of Facilitation.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • position yourself clearly as an advanced facilitator
  • set intention to greatly enhance learning and change
  • ease resistance and barriers to learning
  • accelerate the subtle nuances of deep and sustainable learning
  • integrate these techniques into your daily practice

The Intentional Facilitator Victoria
21 April 9-5 PST $197

The Attract-ive Facilitator

This course focuses on how to harness the Law of Attraction to ease and enrich learning and change in both yourself and your organization. It draws upon metaphysics and the practical application of quantum physics.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • clarify both your personal and professional goals
  • position yourself energetically
  • activate the law of attraction in both your personal and professional practice
  • support and be supported by others in achieving those goals
  • create learning activities to galvanize learning create an action plan to integrate techniques into your daily practice.

The Attract-ive Facilitator Victoria
22 April 9-5 PST $197

The Appreciative Facilitator

This course provides a strong positive framework for sustainable change. It draws upon the work of David Cooperrider and others as pioneers of the field of Appreciative Inquiry.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • define an Appreciative Inquiry
  • conduct an effective interview
  • discover themes from multiple stories
  • dream a provocative proposition for a preferred future…and articulate it!
  • design an action plan for achieving it
  • deliver an Appreciative Inquiry

This course requires out of class time to conduct an AI.

Finessing Facilitation (certificate)

This course enhances the foundational facilitation framework introduced in The Fundamentals of Facilitation. It provides insight and techniques to enrich the interpersonal dynamics between facilitators and learners.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • create enhanced physical, emotional, and mental learning environments
  • design learning activities in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains
  • expand learning opportunities by activating all senses
  • empower learning through engagement
  • facilitate meaningful feedback
  • recognize your own learning dynamics
  • create an action plan to integrate techniques into your daily practice

Dissolving Resistance (certificate)

This course focuses on how to facilitate through resistance and barriers to learning. Drawing on the emerging field of vibrational psychology, you will begin to release old stories and patterns that have run your life, and those of your participants, to accelerate profound and sustainable learning and positive change.

By then end of this course, you will be able to:

  • create safe environment for deep work
  • hold an intuitive position
  • access intuition to direct activities
  • utilize voice to enhance trust and understanding
  • ask questions to guide learners to root dynamics
  • acknowledge and celebrate dissolution of resistance

Vibrational Facilitation (certificate)

This course combines the practical application of facilitation skills with all energetic principles experienced to date.The focus of this course is the integration of theory and practice, left and right brain, energy and matter. This course prepares you for the final face-to-face course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • vibrationally set intentions, objectives, and goals
  • vibrationally create a safe environment for learning and change
  • weave together all domain of learning, including vibrational domain
  • design vibrationally enhanced learning activities
  • invoke invisibility and silence as facilitation tools (!)
  • give and receive feedback with clarity
  • close a group vibrationally

This course takes place in a vibrationally enhanced environment.

Fabulous Facilitation Retreat (certificate)

This five day retreat course utilizes an emergent design approach and takes place in a vibrationally enhanced environment. It combines all facilitation techniques, frameworks, skills while invoking the power of intention, law of attraction and all other energetic principles learned to date. The Fabulous Facilitation Retreat is for Advanced Facilitation Certificate participants only.


Milton Almeida

Milton Almeida

The best online learning I have ever had was with you. You allowed learners to select a learning approach (constructivist or traditional) and supported us all in that approach. The quality of learning and motivation I experienced provided me with increased feelings of self-efficacy and motivation to apply key adult learning principles to my learning and my work. I further witnessed the on-line community come to grips with the choice (Do I plunge in or not ?). It was amazing as folks started to think of education in a different light.

In considering the course I took with you and your online approach, I actually still use the list of adult educators competencies I discovered. I worked my butt off in your course but loved every minute of it. I joyously replied to posts, was engaged and looked for various pieces of research, contributed often, from both a scholar and a practitioner perspective. It was expanding and joyous.

I would be honoured to be part of your site and newsletter. Enjoy the journey!

Milton Almeida A.C.C., M.A. (Leadership and Training)
Leadership Development Coach

Margot Johnston

Within the first week of my first course with Leslie, I began to realize that adult education is something much better, much broader and much more important than I had ever thought. I was challenged to examine my own best learning and to recognize the many ways adults learn. I was also encouraged to take responsibility for my own learning, to decide for myself what was relevant and important, rather than “performing for the teacher”. Here was the model of facilitating adults being put into practice and I suddenly became a learner-centered learner.

The biggest transformation of all occurred when I was invited to assess and evaluate my own learning by giving myself a grade and then writing and submitting the rationale for that grade. This was the embodiment of all that I was studying about adult learning! It was like standing behind a dark curtain and suddenly the curtain was drawn open and there before me was a beautiful pool of deep blue water, and I was invited to dive in. And dive in I did! As a result, I worked ten times harder, became a much more critical thinker, was ten times more creative in my learning, learned more thoroughly and with more relevance to me and my work, felt a greater sense of accomplishment and was able to claim my learning as mine, supported by Leslie, but owned by me. I have radically altered my adult education practice because of this experience and the results have been wonderful.

This experience has remained for me the most pivotal and the clearest example of “walking the talk” of adult education.

Margot Johnston
Community Educator and Activist, Co-founder of the Haultain Common, Musician, Artist
Composer and performing of Fierce Joy which plays before each intro and class

Hugh Kruzel

“Even better if…” we examine Leslie Robinson

Leslie is clearly all about creating a space where Adult Education and Learning can be discussed, modelled, dissected, and advanced. She was introduced to my colleagues, and myself, as being a founding voice.

Genuine and honest, Leslie shares success stories as well as experiments gone sideways.

“As a facilitator we have to give control to the learners…” says Leslie, who very much favours a class, course, and program that is free-form and organic. The concept of “Emergent Design” is something that celebrates the spontaneous and “unboxed” opportunities based on the learners expressed learning objectives.

Influenced by the work of Brookfield, Knowles, Bloom and Meg Wheatley – to name a few – she attributes the largest impact to come from her students. Bringing resources and making them openly available rather than referencing them only in lecture or in course print support material bolsters the idea of open-learning by invitation.

Achieving a Master’s degree in quantum physics and how people learn, Leslie feels she is living her dream. ” I have learned so much from this work” she states as she offers participants the same experience. “… I am about empowering learners to claim back their right to learn what and how they want to learn rather than following a proscribed curriculum. It does not matter what learning activities are used so long as the objectives are met.” “Everything can be learned using facilitation!”

Leslie has had contact with thousands of learners in courses, high schools, the corporate world, and with no-profits, Leslie’s focus is on training facilitators to facilitate. Leslie encourages us to

connect to the powerful learning through emotion in the affective domain. She encourages learners to explore the subtle and powerful in what, she calls, the vibrational or energetic or spiritual domain of learning. Leslie loves to turn things upside down and on their head. As an example she believes we should state the end goal and the let the learners ask and answer”…what do we need to get there?”

Adults search for meaning, and Leslie believes – now more than ever – it is the spirit of discovery through investigation of “what if” that individually, and collectively, we will have transformative experiences. Leslie has helped learners and facilitators to “…a greater truth in themselves.”

Hugh Kruzel OCT, PSC TEFL, CACE,
BA, BA(Hons.), BEd.
Educator / Writer / Polymath / Wine Evangelist, Liquor Plus Royal Oak

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I highly recommend taking the courses in order as their is an energetic ‘build’ that occurs.  You can, however, take them in which ever order and format works best for you.

Facilitation Fundamentals

The Intentional Facilitator

The Attract-ive Facilitator

The Appreciative Facilitator

I thank you so much for exploring this Advanced Facilitation Certificate Program with me.


“ I never knew learning could be such fun. ”