“I never knew learning could be such fun.”


The Attract-ive Facilitator

The Attract-ive Facilitator focuses on how to harness the Law of Attraction to ease and enrich learning and change in both yourself and your organization.

It draws upon, and activates consciousness, energetic principles and quantum physics.

By the end of The Attract-ive Facilitator, you will be able to

  • clarify your personal and professional goals
  • position yourself energetically
  • activate the law of attraction personally and professionally
  • support and be supported by others in achieving your goals
  • design activities to galvanize learning and positive change
  • develop an action plan to integrate these techniques into your practice


The Attract-ive Facilitator LIVE in Calgary
23 May MDT $197


The Attract-ive Facilitator LIVE in Calgary
26 June 9-5 MDT $197